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Toddler Nutrition

It is the most important stage where kids have to grown and learn a lot and that is the reason why you have to give them the right kind of diet. 


Mother’s milk is the best and the nutritious food that babies get for the predominant part of their babyhood. That is why mothers must be healthy enough to keep their kids healthy. 

Positive Parenting

Learn the right way to parent your children. The more affectionate you are the better you will see them develop. So make sure that your parenting skills are right.

Nutrition of schoolchildren and adolescents

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Things you should know Before Becoming a Parent:

Children are gifts from above and raising them can be one of the most wonderful and challenging things you will have to do in your entire life. They are full of surprises and you no matter how many books you read or courses you watch or attend nothing can thoroughly prepare you for becoming a parent. But there are few things which you would wish you had known before having a child and the following are some of those:

Making a baby is not that easy:

Well, some people make babies just like that, but some don’t. There are many reasons as to why some cannot get pregnant. If you are planning to have a baby and if you want to plan your pregnancy you can don’t need to stress about it in the first place. There are many books and advice you can take on fertility and come to know more about the entire process.

The first few months are the worst:

Apart from the happiness that a new member has been added to your family, you will also have to do certain things you have never done in your entire life. All the baby will do is drink milk, sleep and poop. You will have to deal with breastfeeding the baby, changing its diapers, putting it back to sleep and many more. If you are a person who loves sleeping, showering and having a good neat home, then the first few weeks of having the baby at home can be hell. But you will get used to it, and you will do it out of love so you will not feel the pain.

Forget sleep:

If you are planning to have a baby, you will have to forget sleep. If the baby happens to wake up in the night for whatever reason, you will go through hell trying to put it back to sleep. Especially if you have to go to work the next day, you will have a tough time. So it is advised that one of the parents needs to stay at home at least for the first few months.

Going out with your baby will never be the same as going out as a couple:

If you are planning to go out with your baby, you will have to make sure that you take a lot of things with you. You will need diapers, towels, milk, baby food, extra set of clothes etc. You will have to make sure that you have the required things in the car. The baby will get either excited or moody when you take them out, and you will have to manage that, you will have to feed them and also clean them.

Your life will never be the same:

No one can become good parents overnight. It is a slow process, and you learn as your child grows. You will understand what to provide for your child and you will even go to the extremes to provide for them.

How to be Good Parents:

Becoming parents is one of the best feelings in the world. Your life will be filled with surprises, and even if you have to sacrifice many things, you will end up doing it all out of love for your children and family. One cannot entirely alter the behaviour of a child as each of us have the right to choose for ourselves, but as parents, we can teach them the right from the wrong. You can provide support and guidance to them and help them achieve their dreams.

The following are some of the parenting tips you need to know:

Show your love to your children:

As parents, we love our children no matter what happens. But very often we forget to show it to them. We get very busy with life and forget that the little things in life matter so much to bring about happiness in our life. Your children expect love and care from you, and most of us think that we are providing that by earning for them. But they will be so much better when you show your affection to them.

You can tell them that you love them once in a while and appreciate them for what they do. If your children are good at something you need to encourage them as this will build their confidence.

Listen to your children:

Most of us tend to ignore what our children are saying as we are already occupied with so many things. But it is essential to listen to what your child says and take it seriously. Giving them your attention will help them express their feelings.

Make time for your children:

Take time apart from your busy schedule and make sure that you at least spend some time with your children every day. Make it a point to have dinner together in the night as a family or read them a bedtime story or play with them for some time. Attending their school functions can also encourage and motive them.

Discipline them:

You need to show your kindness as a parent, but you also need to know when you have to be strict. Your child should know that there are certain things in life which they should not do and if you are not happy with their behavior, it is up to you to correct them. Make sure that you do this in a way which will not discourage your child.

Be a role model:

If you want your child to be good, you need to be a role model to them. Children look up to their parents and learn from them. If you do your part in impressing them, they will learn from you and start to do what you are doing. The character of your child greatly depends on the environment they are in.

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